Once a version has been created, the maintainer can add further details and version behaviour via the Settings tab. See the Version Creation Help for details on creating version.

Version General Settings tab
Versions Settings tab link.

General Settings

Version General Settings tab
Version General Settings tab

Project Type

Project Type settings by default inherits from project's settings but maintainers are able to select a different project type for the version. See Project Types and Project Settings for more information.

Make this version read only

This button is used to set a version to read-only, which prevents translations being entered. This may be useful in some cases, but should be used sparingly so that translators are able to work on your project.

This can be toggled using the same button, as desired.

Delete this version

This button is used to delete this version and remove it from the public projects list. This action cannot be undone, so use with caution.

Documents Settings

Version Documents Settings tab
Version Documents Settings tab

Adding source document

Click + sign on top left in Documents tab under Settings. Browse or Drag your documents into the dialog and click Upload Documents.

Languages Settings

Version Languages Settings tab
Version Languages Settings tab

Customized locales

By default, your project will be available for translation to a set of locales defined for your project, or on the Zanata server if your project does not have customized locales. If your version requires a different set of locales from your project, click Enable or Disable button on right side of the locale.

Translation Settings

Translation review

See Review overview for more information.

Customized list of validations

If your version requires a different set of validations than the parent project, they can be selected here. If customized validations are not specified, the validations specified for your project will be used. An advantage of inheriting validations from the poject is that new validations can be added to the project without having to add them to each different version.

For more information, see Project settings.