Merge translations from another project version

Merge translations allows project maintainers to copy translations across different project version based on matching context. (See below for context matching rules)


  • This feature is only available to project maintainers.
  • Only translations that are in translated/approved state will be used.
  • Merge translation can only be run if there are no other copy operations in progress for the selected version, such as copy-trans or copy version.

Rule of which translations will be copied over

different source text/document id/
translated/approvedtranslated/approvedcopy if From is newer and
Keep existing translated/approved translations is unchecked

Run Merge translations

  1. Login to Zanata.
  2. Select a project version you wish to copy translations to.
  3. Expand More Action menu on top right corner and click on Merge Translations. This action is only available if you are a maintainer of the project.
    More action menu in project version page
  4. In displayed dialog, select the project-version you wish to copy translations from.
    Merge translation dialog
  5. If you do not want to overwrite translated/approved translations, ensure that Keep existing translated/approved translations is checked. If this option is not checked, translated/approved translations will be replaced with newer translated/approved translations if they are available.
  6. Click Merge Translations button to start the process.
  7. The progress of the merge process is shown by a progress bar on the version page.
    Merge translation in progress

Cancel Merge translation

Note: This will only stop additional translations being merged. Any translations that have already been merged will remain merged.

  1. Go to the progress bar section in project version page.
  2. Click on the Cancel button on top right panel.
    Cancel merge translation in progress