Prerequisite - Install Java runtime 8 (JRE 8) from

  1. Click here to download and install 0Install for Windows.
  2. Run 0install to setup alias.
  3. Now you can run zanata-cli.bat --help for more options.

Note: If you have installed zanata-cli previously through another method, you need to uninstall that for this to work.

Useful command

Run Zanata-cli without alias

0launch {command}

Update Zanata-cli manually

0install update

Zanata-cli feed without JRE dependency

Manual standalone installation

  1. Download zanata-cli from maven central
  2. Extract the downloaded file into a folder.
  3. Search for cmd in Windows Start button and open up Command prompt window
  4. Navigate to the extracted folder by using cd command. e.g. cd C:\temp
  5. Run the following command java -cp lib/* org.zanata.client.ZanataClient to start zanata-cli.