Zanata admin has full access to all functionality in Zanata.

To access to admin menu, login to Zanata with admin role user, select Administrator.

admin menu access

Admin sections

admin sections

Server configuration

Configuration and settings for Zanata server.

See server configuration for more information.

Manage users

  • Edit user information such as password, roles.
  • Delete users in Zanata.

See Manage users for more information.

Manage Roles

  • Create new roles to Zanata.
  • Edit/Remove roles in Zanata.

Reindexing Zanata database used for searching.

See Manage search for more information.

Role assignment rules

See Role assignment rules for more information.

Translation memory

  • Import/Export external TMX file for translation memory in editor.

Process manager

All background asynchronous tasks running in Zanata.

See Process manager for more information.

Overall statistic

Overall general statistics of Zanata.

See Statistic for more information.

Server monitoring

Server performance and statistics.

See Monitoring for more information.