See glossary roles and permission for permission setup.

Supported file format


  1. GNU Gettext-based PO file

CSV (comma-separated value), UTF-8 format

header row
  1. locale columns: The locale header column must contain a valid locale code. At least one locale code is required for the glossary. First locale column will be used as source.
  2. part-of-speech column (optional): The part-of-speech header column, when included, should be only one of: pos, partofspeech or part of speech.
  3. description column (optional): The description header column, when included, should be only one of: desc, description or definition .
data rows
  1. terminology columns: Terminology in each row should correspond to the locale in the header. At least one term is required for a row to be valid.
  2. part-of-speech column: The part-of-speech is an informational field that indicates the sense in which the terms in the row should be used. Sample parts-of-speech include adjective, adverb, noun, and verb.
  3. description column: The description should provide any notes for the translator, including the meaning of the terms in the row.
    sample glossary csv file
    Valid glossary csv file

Upload via Web UI

  1. Login into Zanata
  2. To upload to the system glossary, click Glossary menu.
  3. To upload to a project glossary, navigate to the project page, click on "Glossary" in the project page.
  4. Click on Import Glossary on top right corner of the page.

    More action in glossary page
    More actions in glossary table

  5. A window will popup, click on choose file to select your glossary file.

    Glossary upload window

  6. For PO file format, you will need to select Source and Target languages of the selected po file.

    Glossary upload window, PO file

  7. Click Upload button to start uploading selected glossary file.

Upload via Zanata client

The following instructions assume that you have installed and configured the Zanata Client. Instructions for installation and configuration are available at Zanata Client Installation.

System glossary

zanata-cli glossary-push --file {filename} --trans-lang {translation locale}

Project glossary

zanata-cli glossary-push --file {filename} --trans-lang {translation locale} --project {projectSlug}