Merge translations from Machine translation

MT Merge allows users with MT-bulk role to prefill translations from configured Machine Translations service.


  • This feature is only available to user with MT-bulk role.
  • Only Gettext and Properties project type are supported.
  • The operation is limited to one language at a time.
  • Only fuzzy and untranslated strings will be changed.
  • User can select to save the translations as fuzzy or translated.
  • MT Merge will save translations with validation errors as fuzzy.

Run MT Merge for version

  1. Login to Zanata.
  2. Select a project version you wish to copy translations to.
  3. Expand More Action menu on top right corner and click on Merge Machine Translations. This action is only available if for user with MT-bulk role.
    More action menu in project version page
  4. In displayed dialog, select the language you want to copy.
    MT Merge language dialog
  5. Select the state you wish to save the translation as. Fuzzy or Translated
    MT Merge dialog
  6. Click Run Merge button to start the process.
  7. The progress of the merge process is shown by a progress bar on the dialog. You can cancel the process before it finishes.

Cancel MT Merge

User can click on Cancel Operation during the process to cancel the operation. Note: This will only stop additional translations being copied. Any translations that have already been copied will remain.

MT Merge process