This document presents an example of a Zanata project with type gettext. It assumes that you have already created a project and a version (See Project Creation ).

Gettext projects consist of a single source file (.pot), and several translation files (.po) named after their corresponding locale. Below is a typical directory structure for a Gettext project:

|-- zanata.xml
|-- singlesourcefile.pot
|-- es_ES.po
|-- fr.po
|-- zh_TW.po

Notice the presence of the zanata.xml file already there. This file will be generated for you by the Zanata client init command, or you can download it from the Zanata server. For more information see Configuring the Client. This file will look something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<config xmlns="">
    <locale map-from="es_ES">es-ES</locale>
    <locale map-from="zh_TW">zh-Hant</locale>

This example is also using the locale mapping feature. The map-from attributes on the locale elements are telling the client that although it will find the files using locales es_ES and zh_TW, those translated documents should be stored in the server under locales es-ES and zh-Hant.

See Upload documents and Download translation for more information.