General configuration for Zanata server.

Admin settings general

  1. Server URL - The base URL for Zanata server including the application context path.
  2. Register URL - The user registration URL for the server.
  3. Email Domain name - Domain name used for email address.
  4. Contact Admin address - Email address for Zanata admin.
  5. From Email Address - Email address of 'From' field in all email sent from Zanata.
  6. Terms of Use URL - URL for terms of use statement.
  7. Help URL - URL for help page.

Email log

This enables or disables the sending of Zanata diagnostics log information via email.

Admin settings email log

  1. To enable, click on Enabled checkbox.
  2. Select log level to send email. Error will only send error messages, while Warning will send both warning and error messages.
  3. Fill in email address (comma separate for multiple email address) in provided text field.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page for save changes.


Piwik is a web analytics tools application. It tracks online visits to one or more websites and displays reports on these visits for analysis.

Admin settings piwik

  1. Fill in your hosted piwik url and id to enable Piwik.


Admin can control the limit of client communication towards server via Client or REST API.

Admin settings client

  1. Max concurrent requests per API key - Once over the limit server will return status code 403. 0 means no limit. Default(blank) is 6.
  2. Max active requests per API key - Request may block. 0 means no limit. Default(blank) is 2. If this is greater than max concurrent request limit, it will have no effect.
  3. Max files per upload - Maximum number of files a user can queue for upload in the web upload dialog.