To use the Maven Plugin, some Zanata configuration files and an installation of Apache Maven are needed. Some additional configuration will let you use a shorter command to run the Maven Plugin.

For Apache Maven installation, see Installing the Maven Plugin.

Zanata Project Configuration

The Zanata Maven plugin uses the general configuration files zanata.ini and zanata.xml in the same way as zanata-cli. For instructions on setting up these files, see Configuring the Client.

In addition, parameters such as source directory can be specified in pom.xml so that they are not needed on the command line.

Command Configuration

When Maven is installed, a verbose command can be used to run the Zanata Maven Plugin:

mvn org.zanata:zanata-maven-plugin:<PLUGIN_VERSION>:help

The following instructions will allow the concise form of the command to be used instead:

mvn zanata:help

Global Command Configuration

To use the concise form of commands for any project, open ~/.m2/settings.xml and ensure that pluginGroup org.zanata is present in pluginGroups:

<settings ...>

This allows maven to use the latest version of the Zanata plugin when any mvn zanata:* command is run.

Per-Project Command Configuration

The plugin can be added to a single project by adding some elements to the project's pom.xml file.

The following shows a build entry in pom.xml that will use version 3.4.0 of the Zanata plugin, and specifies the current directory (.) for source documents. This is equivalent to specifying the source directory on the command line as -Dzanata.srcDir=".".